Wounds of heart â¤.

What they do, what this world is made up of , why can’t people here be honest and why can’t they express whats in their heart
They don’t know how deep their words can reach, they don’t know how that reacts to the soul , they can’t hear the breaking peace , nor they can feel their lump of throat.
I felt it.. The way it broke
I saw summer straight in cold
I hummed it all night to me
I got it when my luck was sold
They seemed to ignore, how we fall
They give a damn, whatever we thought
The value is shit of world for them
They don’t know how bad this hurt can cause..💔

-Sadhna 🇮🇳

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When we get broken by many people then our emotional weakness rises… Always remember that no one has got the right to hurt you and to break you. This life is yours and live it for yourself.

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Ohh… I smiled!!!

The way I felt.. When I smiled… Which was not any fake but from heart for a heart which was not to show but to feel deep inside..
Yes I smiled yes I smiled.
Which felt like after a decade, a full upward curve on my face, and my heart pumped in an unusual way , the speed can’t be detected niether can my fate..
Oh yeah I smiled….

-Sadhna 🇮🇳

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Humans are so engaged in this busy life that they don’t get a reason to smile by heart 💖.. Just go to your loved ones and share your moment with them.

As for the singles…. Well your friends are there.

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Hope, truth and life.

Life is where uh are,
life is something uh can’t do about,
life is the one who’ll lose at the end,
life is the boat which will sink deep down.
Though we know we’ll enjoy it,
though we’ll be well afraid,
though we know we have to float, and though we know death’s waiting ahead.
How can we make a goal to escape,
How can we build our heart which has to fail,
how can we keep up a thought when it will be lost,
how can we walk when the destination is grave.
Yes, I think that’s something we call hope,
Hope gives us courage to smile in life, hope gives us personality all these while,
hope is the obsession which keeps us alive, and
hope is the praise we get, once we die. There’s nothing useless when someone gets that hope because hope is something, which makes up this life. ❤


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We all have a habit of losing hope once we fall… But remember the reason we fall for…… WE FALL TO STAND AGAIN🌹

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Night and Rain 🌧……🌃

Just wondering about this night and also this rain.. ,
when we were in a bubble which I thought was a lame, will that bubble return us again?
Those times when you mentioned praising my attire which blushed my face deep red with fire, Will that fire set us again?
Where I accepted when you were late captured you in these big frames , highlighted out with teasing names, will I ever tease you again?
For not letting you go very soon and pushing you out of a train, you always came back with a sweet mad face,… Will you come to me again?
From the tree you made me fall shouting my name as I call, I was healed when you kissed away the pain
Will you now heal me again?
After I saw that blonde in your arms with all in charms, but you called that fake and I wanted to trust your game , Will I be able to trust you again?
I loved you from soul but all in vain, when all your affairs came in front again , it thrusts very hard and hurts deep down , will it try to hurt me again?
Mind was hazed and me being insane, missed you still because you were the main, will I be able to miss you again?
Time passed out with this night and with this rain, love was there but my heart was in pain. I missed being in love, will I ever love again,?,.
And all these nights and pouring rain… Will I ever feel them again???

Thankuh soo much for reading this… We all have a memory which we want to destroy but we should fight them down because ‘WE’ will decide our happiness and not others.

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Love is everything… Yet nothing

Joy in the pain,
peace in the chaos,
Soothing in the thunderstorm,
Satisfaction in the frustration.

Comfort of the soul,
Contentment of the heart ❤,
Pleasure of the eyes,
Reason of the smile.

Love is everything.. yet, nothing.

Ways… (about love and loved ones)

My heart loved uh but my breaths betrayed me,
I became yours someway like I forgot whom I see.
You took all my feelin of world,
And all my reasons left to breath,
Yeah,… it feels easy with words, but
I don’t know where to put another step.

Anything which I have is ur words…
Uh are my ‘Always’ and my always means your heart.

I balanced myself , still I am confused,
I love uh more than any heart can,
but it’s weak.. it’s refused..
I can’t bear this pain again.
Read me and tell me, what could I make of uhh,
teach me or punish me for this mistake I did to uh.
Your touch is all I feel ur voice is all I hear,
how can I say it’s a path of love when it’s already drowned in a river.
I am not above the surface to float with your pleasure.
Struggling to keep my breaths above the water, how could I become ur every wish and care.
Either I can love uh, feel uh, see uh, hear uh, or I can return to my world, where love seems to have no place, where the kingdom of hatred is hailed, Oh! I don’t wanna go back there nor I want to take some decision to fail.

Stop these days, times and every seconds possible,
I want to stay close here with uh,
and seek for the 3rd way available.

Thankyou sooo much for reading this.. .

We all want to enjoy our love life, but in some cases, it feels like the most difficult thing to happen, not because we don’t like someone but maybe coz of someone who don’t like you. ❤